Surveillance and technical security

We secure your office, house, land or equipment against contingent risks or threats. We minimize the level of risk or abuse of information on client’s computer. We secure areas, rooms, communication channels and media against misuse.

To seek out and counter electronic surveillance, wiretapping is the most effective method of preventing the loss of confidential data and information. These security precautions are intended for people and organizations that value this type of information and wish it to remain this way.

Electronic Counter Measures

We are able to conduct these sweeps quickly, discreetly and effectively and we use the most modern and up to date technical equipment. Professionals, who are highly trained and experienced and understand the principle of modern methods of electronic surveillance and counter surveillance, provide all searches.

We conduct a search of:

Based on client’s requirements, we are able to install technical equipments that prevent the use of wiretaps. These services are available in the bands GSM, UMTS and CDMA and include Wi-Fi jammers. We are also able to technically minimize the risk of the monitoring of your movement through GPS devices.

Electronic security

We are able to secure your computer, equipment and network against suspected theft of information and its misuse. Within this service we are able to offer purpose-developed software for a covert monitoring and control of all activities and communication on a computer based system. This software is available in the Czech and English language and is compatible with all operating systems, Windows Vista including.