Security assistance for business missions

In consultation with the client in order to meet requirements, CS Solutions evaluate possible risks and threats against person or property during any extended stay abroad.

We will carefully and methodically structure our security plan and countermeasures in order to minimize risk thereby contributing towards a trouble free business mission outside the Czech Republic.

Security Assistance for Overseas (Foreign) Business / Diplomatic Missions

CS Solutions s.r.o. offers a specialist service to clients who are planning to conduct business operations within high-risk environment, either with or without personal security. This service offers a short but comprehensive package designed to provide initially familiarisation in the form of a detailed background brief on their area of concern. Clients will then be introduced to the probable risks, threats and problems they may encounter on a daily basis within that environment. Once the clients are familiar with these areas of concern, they will then receive instructions, both practical and theoretical, covering subjects such as: how to recognize and avoid potential threats, methods of dealing with situations that are likely to arise, including personal preventative security and defensive techniques.

These services have proved particularly useful for organizations such as::

Each program is designed around a generic format with packages designed to focus on specific threats likely to be encountered within the client’s area of operations.

Translation Services

Due to the multinational aspect of CS Solutions s.r.o. and our associates, we are able to provide translation of security or business related documents. All documents are handled with discretion and proof read and validated prior to presentation to clients. A list of available language services may be obtained by request.