Special services

In consultation with the client we assist in implementing and developing the risk management process, in identifying employees engaged in criminal act and in carrying out penetration checks and reliability evaluations.

Services of this kind are used by companies from large multinational corporations to small companies in all domains such as industry, commerce, banking and law firms. Nonetheless, these services are also intended for individuals.

Services are conducted in consultation with the client throughout the implementation and developing process of risk management. We are able to assist in identifing employees who are engaged in criminal act, we carry out penetration checks and reliability evaluations of system and individuals. Investigations are conducted using our own operational resources, both physical and technical, and analytical tools.

Service specialization

  • Consultation during incident investigation – for example in the area of using operational sources, publicly accessible information etc.
  • Support/outsourcing during investigation of incidents and/or execution of detection checks of:
    • EDD (employee due diligence)
    • CPD (counter party diligence)
  • Verification/monitoring of persons and property within legislative norms (security of possessions/property)
  • Security related analytical services both domestic and foreign
  • Laison with government and civil services at securing and assessing the validity of evidence in criminal trials
  • Analysis of criminal files
  • Business reporting – especially within counter party, due diligence
  • Locating persons (debtors) and property
  • Protection against persecution
  • Provision of subject matter advice (expert opinion)

We also provide penetration tests, tests of integrity of security systems, and mystery shopping.
Important part of our special services is anti-graffiti team for preventing vandalism on client´s property.